What is Art?

Art Xpress is the easiest page composition software for designing Business Card to Brochure, from poster to banner and from Cd top to Calendar. It comes with ready to use article designs (templates) and also a possibility to create your own. Inbuilt huge decor library of backgrounds, cliparts, shapes, masks, frames/ borders make your every article more attractive. It's ability to work, import, export with Photoshop lifts it to next level of designing. Basic & Advance Image editor makes it powerful yet simple composition platform. The unique feature of Click & Flick (tweak) objects makes software so intuitive that training is not really required. Download the Trial version and start designing beyond imaginations.

Quick Startup
Trainig Videos

Variable Data

Work with pre-defined data and create multiple articles instantly.

Import Data

Supports XLS importing to incorporate bulk data into articles created in software.

Accommodate data into Articles

Incorporate data into one or many articles using Ready Projects.

Update or Modify Data

Update database with new data entries or modify existing data.

Create Customizable Projects

Create data supported projects once and create multiple personalized copies in single click.

Update database for external use

Export CSV of the database to keep your external database updated.



Align objects in smart way using several alignment options.

Guide & Grid

Non-printable Ruler guidelines to manage spacing and alignments in easy way.

Non printable grid on pages to align objects on different parts of the pages.

Auto Snap & Page Based

While the objects are moved across the page, Snapping guidelines appear to give alignment reference with respect of other objects.

Ready alignment presets to align objects with reference to page.


Auto Layering

Manage layers on the page in smart way with different positioning tools.

Positioning & Grouping

Manage overlapping of objects with smart tools. Also send objects to front or back of other objects with single click.

Group objects to manage their appearance in single attempt. Enlarge or reduce size, move position and do much more with Grouped objects.

Easy Selection

Select one or multiple objects in single click. Drag selection across canvas to select a bunch of objects easily.

Layers hidden behind other layers can be easily a part of your selection. Tab key to shift selection to next object.


Advance Image Editing

Work with advance yet easy to use image editors.


Lasso cutting to create image cut outs for banners and magazine covers.


Chroma keying tool for images having even Background.

Touch up

Touch-up tool to remove blemishes and unwanted captured objects. Simple clone point selection and cloning to complete task in less time.


Highlight what is important. By simply rolling mouse, the important parts can be highlighted.


Erase the unwanted parts of the image to create a merging effect on canvas.


Image Editing

Image Editing to make them appear perfectly on the canvas.

Basic Filters

Color correct images with inbuilt basic image editors. Manage Tilt of image with slider and grid to guide the tilt adjustment.

Artistic Filters

Go for the artistic filters to make the images appear in different way.



Image effects to give a different appearance to images. Apply multiple effects. Also while removing effects, you have the option to remove individual or all the effects at once.

Outline, Shadow, Feather, Rotate

Different effects can be applied on used objects

Blend, Blur, Opacity, Colorize

More controls for solid Compositions



Rich content library enhancing your creation.


Backgrounds to enrich your designs. Collection of simple and creative Backgrounds with additional facility to get in updated Background gallery.


Simple and Attractive shapes with desired color filling. Fill with any texture or image for more personalized appearance. Merge shapes to create shape combinations and shape stencils.


Ready masks and masking brushes to make the images perfect for banners and various displays.


A touch of decoration in the form of cliparts.



Masking tools offering different effects according to the style of applying.

Background Masking

Apply masks on Backgrounds to get the Background transparency in output. Suitable for CD top designs and other gift article designing

On Board Layer Mask

On board masking brushes to apply customized masking over images.


Title & Text

Use your fonts Decorate titles with title presets, shadow, textures and outline.



Connect with the other software and plugins to enjoy additional tools.
Import & Export Designs to Photoshop

Get in the PSD files to Art Xpress and enjoy the ease and simplicity of the Xpress software. once done, get the designs back to the Photoshop with all the upgradations made by you in Art Xpress.

Connect to quick Image Correction Software

Connectivity to World's best image correction software Edit Xpress right from the Art Xpress. Enhance images using various ready image enhancing presets.

Import Plugins

Import the popular supported Photoshop plugins in Art Xpress and get your images enhanced within the software.



Software availability on different OS platforms.


Output of designs in different formats depending on the further processing requirements.