A must have tool to color correct, re-size, rename, rectify and regain your single or bulk images instantly before accommodating them in any article.
Quick Startup
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Color Correction

Easy to work with features to color correction the images in smart and quick way.

Automatic Image Enhancement

Using the 'Auto' mode, color correcting images can be done in the easiest way ever.

Perfectly Clear

World's best editing tool - Perfectly Clear I now a part of the Edit Xpress. Various ready presets to serve the correction needs of different types of the photos.

Bulk Image Editing

Editing Images in bulk is now not limited to just basic color correction. It now offers the advance tools like beautifying the faces in the photos along with managing the exposure, depth and vibrance. You could also choose to skip any image from applying the set of effects chosen by you.


Cuts & Fixes

Manage the captured elements in the photo with various cutting and fixing tools.

Cropping an Image

Crop out the unwanted part of the capture and set the focus on the important part. It just needs the mouse to be scrolled to get the image cropped. Even cropping a Landscape image into portrait and Portrait image into landscape is really that easy.

Trace & Cut Tool

Simplified Lasso cutting to take out any specific part of the image. Also create multiple layers and invert certain layers to remove them from final output.

Chroma Keying

Key out the even color image Background and get cutout images in less time. Manage the keying value using feather and tolerance and get fine output.

Clone Tool

Clone part of image to manage the blemishes and similar kind of unwanted features in the photo.

Highlight the important parts

Highlight what deserves viewer's attention. Keep the rest of the image in black and white color.


Advance Correction

Advance tools to power you with the desired photo correction tools.

Image Rotation

Manage the tilt of the images by adjusting its angle. Helping hand of grid lines to get the images to the right rotation.

Import plug ins

Get in your favorite plug ins and work within the software.


Other Controls

Smart controls to make your photo editing experience best in class.

Photo size alteration

Alter the photo sizes and get them in the size desired by you. Create customized sizes and enjoy the photo resizing.

Data compression

Compress images as per the purpose of further processing. Simple slider to manage the data compression. Set higher quality for printing purposes whereas set lower quality when the approval copy is being sent or when the image size is concerned.

Face crop

Face crop tool to crop faces from group photos. Ideal for group photography.